Change/Create data in your analytics
environment without IT intervention

What is ReTouch ?

ReTouch is a web-based solution that enables your business users to prepare and manage data assets in DWH/BI systems for analyzing reports and making decisions with full traceability.

Web Interface

Web interface based on google sheet and excel.

Cell Based

Cell based multi editing.

Column Update

Column based update.


Copy&paste from Excel

Our Core Features

Supported Platforms

Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Amazon, DB/2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Exadata, SAP HANA, Hadoop, Amazon Redshift

Export/Import file types


Table Operations

Table select, create, alter, drop, rollback and data entry, edit, delete



Multi-user editing and Multi-object editing

Data Quality

Creating data quality validation rules


Use Cases

Inconsistent data in reports :
Latency of defining reference data (such as tariff code,reseller id,branch id etc) in ERP systems while the transaction data is already in DWH system.

In many enterprises, the information regarding targets may not be present or different revisions may not be tracked in the enterprise systems, this targets and their revisons are typically keept on Excel.

Generally, the hierarchy on which the enterprise reporting is based is built on the financial reporting criteria. However, departments such as Sales or Marketing may have different hierarchies which they want to use when viewing their reports.


Any known data problem on the source system may take a long time to correct which means the reports will show incorrect data untill the issue is resolved.

What is ReTouch for?

  • No need to extract the data from DWH and join with excel files to produce the required reports.

  • Delayed reflection of data from enterprise systems to the BI and DWH platforms (master data, reference data, conformed dimensions, hierarchies, meta data and parametric tables )

  • Versioning of the changes like yearly targets, sales hierarchy etc.

  • Different hierarchies /structures need while representing data from the same platform.

ReTouch = Solution